Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions:

1.  Check in time is 3:00 p.m. and check out time is 10:00 a.m.  This is rarely flexible as to allow for the proper cleaning and care of the home and for the convenience of arriving and departing guests. 

2. The front door will be unlocked prior to arrival.  A key-less touch pad with a 4 digit code is assigned to each guest and is disclosed along with further instruction in the guest letter found on the entry table.

3.  Please do not park or drive on the lawn or block any neighboring driveways or right of way.  For insurance purposes, parking is NOT allowed in the garage.

4.  Please close and lock all windows and doors in the event of inclement weather and upon departure as well as for purposes of wildlife control.

5.  Please help us to conserve energy by setting the thermostat at a reasonable level and by closing all doors and windows when using the HVAC systems.

6.  All garbage must be place in garbage bags, including all diapers, cans, bottles, cardboard and plastic.  Please place all bagged garbage in the garage or garbage bins for removal as warranted and prior to check out.

7.  Cleaning supplies and related items are located throughout the homes . Please help us to facilitate a smooth cleaning transition for the next guest as there is a very limited amount of time between departures and arrivals.

8.  These properties rely upon their own septic system and are NOT on a central sewer system.  They require user diligence to operate effectively.  Please refrain from flushing, draining or disposing of certain items down the drains such as grease, sanitary napkins, toy cars, hopes and dreams etc.  Please flush toilet paper only down toilets.

9.  Linens and towels for our guests are supplied along with an initial supply of toilet paper and paper towels.   If needed, a washer and dryer are available for limited usage by our guests.  Please note that the washing machines require HE detergent PODS only, which are not supplied.  Maid service is available at an additional cost.

10.  Fire pits are located at each property.  Firewood is NOT provided, but can be purchased in town or you may feel free to bring your own.  Please enjoy responsibly.

11.  At the conclusion of your visit, please strip all beds of all linens and place all used towels in the laundry room.  Please make sure that all lights are turned off and that the thermostat and appliances are set to the original temperature.  Please remember to remove all food and beverages as well as personal belongings upon departure.

12.  As Lake Panorama is a private lake, GUEST BOATS OF ANY KIND ARE NOT ALLOWED.  We do offer speedboat and pontoon rentals for our guests.  If you are renting one of our boats, please initial and sign the boat rental contract and call the number below to arrange for delivery and orientation tour provided the morning after arrival.